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​Having a great sales team in your organisation is essential.
And if you’re a tech company selling complex software solutions in a B2B
environment, the right employee is vital to maximise the potential of the
products and services you offer.

At Skypath, we take a unique approach when it comes to
filling commercial roles, whether that be sales, BDM, account management, or pre-sales.
We look beyond the job spec, to really understand each company’s vision and
culture, and find the right person for the job.

Top sales experts are always in high demand, so it’s vital
that we go above and beyond to get that perfect fit. We often market our sales
candidates to the companies they’d like to work for - keeping all personal
details - including CVs - totally confidential. This strategy can create unique
opportunities for all parties.

If you’re looking to hire sales talent to sell complex tech
solutions across any industry, or if you want to make the most of new opportunities,
please get in touch.