Sales Manager - Travel-Tech

Location London
Discipline: Travel Technology, Sales
Job type: SEED - Permanent
Salary: £35,000-40,000
Job ref: 150

We are seeking a B2B Sales Manager with a background in Leisure travel and an interest in technology. This is a rare opportunity to switch to a tech sales role with excellent job security and earning potential.

Our client is a travel-tech company seeking a sales hunter to promote their Reservation and Destination management system to SME leisure travel companies worldwide.

The key responsibilities are:

Identify and target potential B2B clients: The B2B sales manager will conduct market research to identify prospective clients such as small group escorted tour operators, DMCs and travel companies. 

• Build and maintain client relationships: The sales manager will establish strong relationships with key decision-makers and stakeholders in the travel industry, understanding their specific needs, and providing personalised solutions to address their pain points. 

• Conduct product demonstrations and presentations: The sales manager will showcase the features and benefits of their products to potential clients through product demonstrations and presentations, effectively communicating how the software can improve their operations, increase efficiency, and drive revenue. 

• Negotiate and close sales deals: The sales manager will negotiate pricing, contract terms, and other agreements with potential clients, working towards closing sales deals and securing longterm partnerships. 

• Provide post-sales support and customer service: After the sale is made, the sales manager will ensure a smooth handover of the project to  Implementation and Project Management team. 

• Stay updated on industry trends and competition: The sales manager will continuously monitor the travel software market, staying informed about industry trends, competitor offerings, and new technologies. This knowledge would help them position their product effectively and identify opportunities for innovation and improvement.

The required Experiences and Background: 

In-depth industry knowledge: The B2B sales manager should possess a good understanding of the travel industry, including its operations, challenges, and trends. This knowledge enables effective communication of the software's value proposition to potential clients. 

• Proficiency in software solutions: The sales manager should have a strong command of software's functionality, features, and benefits. They should be able to clearly articulate how software addresses specific pain points and enhances operations for clients. 

• Sales and negotiation prowess: Strong sales and negotiation skills are essential for a B2B sales manager. The sales manager should excel at building relationships, identifying client needs, presenting solutions, and closing deals. Effective negotiation abilities ensure favourable pricing and contract agreements. 

• Technical aptitude: While not necessarily a developer, the sales manager should have a good technical understanding of software systems. This knowledge allows them to address technical inquiries, resolve client concerns, and collaborate with the development team to meet customer requirements. 

• Customer-centric approach: A successful sales manager prioritises understanding and meeting customer needs. They should be customer-centric, empathetic, and dedicated to building longterm partnerships. This involves actively listening to feedback, anticipating requirements, and offering tailored solutions that deliver value. 

• Industry networking and market awareness: Staying informed about industry trends, competitors, and market dynamics is crucial. The sales manager should actively engage in industry events, conferences, and networking opportunities to expand their knowledge, build relationships, and identify potential leads. This market awareness enables effective positioning of the software and adaptation to changing market conditions.

The place of work is Hybrid/London.