Head of Software Delivery - SAAS

Location United Kingdom
Discipline: SAAS, Retail Technology, IT
Salary: £85000.0
Job ref: 23

Our client is a leading SAAS Enterprise system provider in their field and due to expansion, they are looking for a Software Delivery Lead to deliver first-class development efforts through inspiring and leading a team of developers and by making solid technical decisions.

You will identify the changes required and determine the plan of action in order to turn the development and delivery elements of the business into efficient, cohesive and cost managed functions, aligned with the business goals.

Key responsibilities:

  • Fully implement agile software development lifecycle methodology

  • Formulate the appropriate number of sprint teams at the appropriate times to direct focus effort at the most critical elements

  • Ensure the team structures are supportive of a results focussed delivery pattern, with accountability is with the appropriate key member

  • Keep an open communication strategy open to ensure all staff are informed of results and progress, feeding from each others success

  • Utilise a CMMI Lite measurement technique in order to indicate business maturity in multiple areas and functions

  • Identify and clarify the business strategy over a 1, 3 and 5 year plan, using this to drive all delivery activities ? Implement a continuous delivery capability across all software production

  • Put QA and Test capability front and centre of delivery patterns, raising its profile and using this to ensure the focus is on the correct deliverables.

  • Consider all insourcing, outsourcing and near sourcing capabilities, creating an appropriate level of commercial tension in or to support the transitional change programme.

  • Ensure Product Owners are pivotal to the deliverables going forward and are instrumental in the decision making processes

  • Introduce improved cohesion between departments, supporting a can-do attitude and willingness to be customer focussed

  • All processes should be self managing and self perpetuating. Resulting in reduced management overhead and results focussed delivery

  • Recognition of positive results is very important so appropriate feedback and recognition is required. Senior Management support required

  • Techniques such as best practice, complexity ratios, service orientation, toolsets, test coverage, patterns, demand planning, staff skills, release management, continuous improvement etc. etc., all contribute to a more effective delivery team, plus a customer focussed mantra. All of these and more, have to be implemented for transitional change but with great skill and consideration to the staff and business.

The ideal candidate will have a solid background in B2B software delivery role with extensive expertise in Agile, Sprint and modern software development languages.